Marijuana Legalization Is On The Ballot In Oklahoma On Today: Here’s What To Know




Oklahoma voters on Tuesday will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana in a special election.

Supporters of legalizing recreational marijuana in the Sooner State have pushed to see this measure on the ballot for years. Due to legal challenges and ballot inclusion deadlines, State Question 820 was left off the ballot in November.

What are Voters Voting On?

A “yes” vote would legalize recreational marijuana for adults ages 21 and older. It would also allow possession of up to 1 ounce of marijuana and the growth of up to six mature marijuana plants and up to six seedlings.

A “no” vote would reject legalizing recreational marijuana.

If passed, the measure would go into effect on June 5. It would make Oklahoma the 22nd state in the US to legalize recreational marijuana.

Legalization of recreational marijuana would also result in a 15% tax of sales in the state.

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Is medical marijuana legal in Oklahoma?

Yes. In 2018, Oklahoma approved a ballot measure legalizing the use, sale and growth of medical marijuana. Recreational use of marijuana, however, is still illegal in the state.

Who is for and against the measure?

Supporters of the measure argue the legalization will bring in new tax revenue. Yes on 820, a campaign in favor of recreational marijuana legalization, released an economic analysis completed by Vicente Sederberg LLP and the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association. It found the state could gain $821 million in medical and recreational taxes over four years if the measure passes, with $434 million coming solely from the new recreational tax.

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