Brittney Griner’s Wife Says Her Last Communication With WNBA Star Was ‘Most Disturbing Call I’ve Ever Experienced’

Brittney Griner’swife Cherellesays she has deep concerns about the imprisoned WNBA star’s well-being after a disturbing phone call. 

During an Oct. 6 interview with Gayle King on CBS Mornings, Cherelle said she’s only had two phone calls with Brittney. During the first call, she felt her wife was okay and that they “could survive this.” 

Griner, 31, a center for the Phoenix Mercury, is serving nine years imprisonment after a drug smuggling conviction. While there have been talks of a prisoner swap between the United States and Russia, it’s unknown when or if Griner will be released.

The second call was more concerning: “I think I cried for about two, three days straight. It was the most disturbing phone call I’d ever experienced… I didn’t have words.”

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She explained, “You could hear that she was not okay. If you think about just a person’s suffering and when they have suffered to a max…she was at the max that day.” Cherelle also revealed Griner is worried she will be forgotten in Russia. According to her, Brittney said, “My life just don’t even matter no more.”

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