Three North Tulsa Churches Celebrate Easter Sunday Together


Green County celebrated Easter Sunday in a big way this year.

Three North Tulsa churches, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Friendship Church, and New Jerusalem Baptist Church partnered up to host one big outdoor Easter Sunday service.

In 2020 the majority of churches had to call off in-person Easter Sunday gatherings due to the pandemic. This year, however, Easter Sunday in Green Country looked much more hopeful.

“We’re really excited that we are here after all of our planning,” Jasmine Geiger with the New Jerusalem Baptist Church told 2 Works for You.

Sunday morning Guthrie Green turned into a place of worship. Lawn chairs turned into pews and the stage into the altar. Three congregations gathered as one body to celebrate Easter Sunday.

“Me and Jarrell thought it would be a great idea, if we could bring all of our churches, all of our contingencies together to uplift our community and to celebrate of course, Christ as our savior, resurrected from the dead,” Alex Geiger said.

“Just to see all of us being able to come together and worship on Easter Sunday has been a wonderful, it’s going to be a wonderful experience,” Samico Chilton with Metropolitan Baptist Church said.

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After the pandemic tested the faith of many, they were ready to reunite in person.

“It has been a great experience to worship online, but it’s just a different experience being able to do it in person,” Aleisha Webber said.

“Of course, we’re celebrating Jesus Christ being alive, but we’re also celebrating the fact that God has kept God’s church alive,” Alex Geiger said.

The Metropolitan Baptist Church hopes to slowly re-open it’s doors for small in-person group worship later this spring.

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