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The Best Superbowl Ad Was From Tulsa, Oklahoma

The Best Superbowl Ad Was From Tulsa, Oklahoma


In these days of stereotyping and pigeonholing, there was a super bowl ad that defies the worst images of urban culture. It chronicles the life of a single father raising 5 kids and their struggles with homelessness, hunger, and devotion to family. It’s the Marty Jacobs story.

Yes, one of his sons became the NFL Rookie of the Year, and has a great future in pro football. But Josh Jacobs didn’t know what would be in his future. He only saw the struggles of survival and his father’s assurance that it would turn out right, if he devoted himself to do his best and discipline himself.


Last month that father got a surprise gift from son Josh. A new home of his own.


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Many men of all cultures, all incomes, and all locations devote their whole lives to be the provider, the protector, the promise keeper. Blessed are the children of such men. They have a living testament of a hero.  They have proof that it can work out. They are spared the soft bigotry of low expectations. They have an example to live up to.

What does the commercial have to do with Kia? Maybe not much. But it says something about Kia’s ability to see character and devotion to excellence. Marty Jacobs is a great man, in many ways. And as great as his son, Josh, is… I hope Josh becomes the role model his father is.

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