Omicron: What Are The Symptoms Oklahomans Should Be Looking For

By: Erica Rankin


COVID-19 cases across the United States have continued on an upward trend. Cases have surpassed what Oklahomans saw during the surge at the end of August.

“If it is that much more transmissible and that many more people are going to get infected even if it is a small percentage, the absolute number it is going to be elevated as far as people being admitted into the hospitals, said Dr. David Chansolme with Integris Health.

Though doctors can’t make a diagnosis of the variant based on symptoms alone, doctors said some with the Omicron variant may be similar to the original strain or Delta, but there are a few that seem to be a bit different.

“The symptoms that I am hearing most commonly are congestion,” said Dr. Dale Bratzler with OU Health. “Nasal congestion, upper airways, runny nose sore throat, the common cold type symptoms people expect, but headache is the other symptom many people have mentioned to me.”


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