Black Wall Street Stake Holders Take Legal Action Against Duval And Associates

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A contract was signed with Duvall and Associates (Duvall Mitchell) on August 11th, 2021 to provide Duval’s side business startup services and Duval’s Men Against Domestic Violence concert series October 22, 2021 through December 17, 2021. Duvall had reserved four event dates at the Tulsa Greenwood Cultural Center.

This behavior was very disappointing to the Greenwood Chamber staff because the plan was to provide Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas gifts for children in the community with funds generated from theses events. The Greenwood Cultural Center is accustomed to dealing with professional people, who are dependable and do exactly what they say. That is not the case in the Duvall Mitchell situation.

Duvall and Associates had scheduled these events on historic Black Wall Street and cancelled the dates Friday October 22, 2021, Friday November 26, 2021, December 3, 2021 and Friday December 17, 2021 without reason and continues to not respond to phone or text messages. Duvall and Associates are a sad scenario especially with the tremendous rise in domestic violence towards minority women and the history of Tulsa Black Wall Street on Greenwood.

The Black Wall Street stakeholders also entered into a $10,000 investment contract with Duvall and Associates to assist in facilitating and booking talent for the event dates. Duvall and Associates have also defaulted in this contractual agreement also.

The Oklahoma Eagle will continue to follow the legal process as this unfortunate situation continues to develop.

Duvall and Associates has not returned any calls in reference to their inactive communication with any of the Black Wall Street stakeholders or Greenwood Cultural Center.

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