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Airline Union Workers March Against Vaccine Mandate

Airline Union Workers March Against Vaccine Mandate

By Burt Mummolo


If their signs didn’t speak volumes about where they stand on a vaccine mandate, their numbers did. Hundreds of marchers walking a mile up Mingo, past Spirit AeroSystems, and up to American Airlines.

“I’d say at least 500,” said Joe Brown of Local 514.

Some union members traveling from other states to show support for their fellow union members.

“When you asked me what strikes a chord with everybody is they feel like the government shouldn’t be in their healthcare business,” said Dale Danker, President of TW Local 514.

“I’m not going to get the shot,” said aerospace worker Keith Smith. He says the mandate is Big Government going too far.

“I can retire now but I’d rather stay another year. We’ll just have to see how it goes,” he said. Would you rather retire than get the shot? “Yes, I’ll have to,” he said.

“My husband works for American, almost 30 years, and we don’t believe in the shot,” said Lisa Fleming.

What do she and her husband hope happens as the December 8 deadline nears?

“Well we’re hoping this mandate won’t stay or stick and everybody will make their own choice what they want in their body,” she said.

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Others are hanging their hope on an exemption.

“I think that most people are getting either a religious or medical exemption granted. American seems like they’re going to work with us real well,” said Brown.

A march for personal choice, fueled by solidarity.

“These people work hard, and they work hard for the country they have. They work hard for the way things are, and things have been taken away from us, we’ve been losing rights, and it’s time we stop, it’s time this stops. It’s time we come together and do what we’re doing now,” said Williams.



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