Morton Health Services To Recognize National Health Center Week, Aug. 4-10

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Morton Comprehensive Health Services is celebrating National Health Center Week, Aug. 4-10, by sponsoring a series of events during the week.

National Health Center provides health centers nationwide an opportunity to promote a long record of success and delivery of high quality, cost effective and accessible care, according to the National Association of Community Health Centers.

The local events scheduled for the week are the following:

August 5, 11:30a.m.-12:30p.m. “Health Care for the Homeless” at Midtown Homeless Health Center, 102 N. Denver Ave., Suite B

August 6, 10a.m.-12p.m. “Senior Citizen Appreciation Day” at the Nowata Senior Citizen Center, 238 N. Maple

August 7, 2p.m.-4p.m. “Patient Appreciation Day” at the West Tulsa Family Health Center, 6116 W. 11th St.

August 8, 11a.m.-12:30p.m. Unveiling of the ONE Gas CNG van and Fueling Station donation at the Main Clinic’s Transportation Building, 1228 N. Lansing Ave., and a “Stakeholders’ Day” reception at the Main Clinic, 1334 N. Lansing Ave.

August 9, 3p.m.-6p.m. “Fun Health Care for Children” at the East Tulsa Family Health Center, 11511 E. 21st St.

“Morton’s system of six clinics serves patients in northeastern Oklahoma, providing high quality primary care,” said Susan Savage, CEO of Morton. “As a National Health Center Week participant, patients are the focus, whether giving babies a healthy start or managing chronic diseases among medically vulnerable populations.  Engaging patients across the lifespan is a long-term strategy with community health centers like Morton at the forefront.”

On Aug. 5 at the “Health Care for the Homeless”, Morton-Midtown will provide brown bag lunches and beverages to our patients and the neighboring clients of the Salvation Army Center for Hope and the Tulsa Day Center.

On Aug. 6 for “Senior Appreciation Day”, Morton-Nowata will offer blood pressure checks and refreshments for our patients and the clients of the Nowata Senior Citizen Center, 238 N. Maple.

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On Aug. 7 at the “Patient Appreciation Day”, Morton-West Tulsa will feature fun activities and refreshments for adults and children.

On Aug. 8, “Stakeholders’ Day” events will include the unveiling of a donation of a CNG van and Fueling Station from ONE Gas at Morton’s Transportation Building and a reception afterwards where attendees will be able to have their blood pressure and blood sugar tested and have refreshments.

On Aug. 9, “Fun Health Fair for Children”, Morton-East Tulsa will be giving Well-Child checkups and immunizations to children. Additionally, fun activities will be on hand, including a water slide, fire truck, EMSA ambulance vehicle, the Bookmobile, and refreshments will be offered.

Certain parts of northeastern Oklahoma and the surrounding area are considered to be medically-underserved areas. That is, on a patient to doctor ratio, the area does not have access to physicians and health care services in proportion to the number of residents in the area’

Oklahoma has 624,000 individuals who are uninsured and are without adequate health care coverage. Approximately 40 percent or 230,843 individuals of the state’s uninsured reside in northeastern Oklahoma, according to 2010 Census data.  Forty to fifty percent of Morton’s patients cannot qualify for health insurance either through the state’s Medicaid program or through the private exchange.

In partnership with federal, state, local entities and private foundations, Morton has been providing quality health care delivery and services for more than 95 years.


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