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Fannie Mae Releases Plan to Make Housing More Accessible to Black Americans

Fannie Mae Releases Plan to Make Housing More Accessible to Black Americans


By Tanya Christian


While the Biden Administration continues to contemplate a decision to forgive student loans, Sallie Mae’s cousin Fannie is extending a lifeline to Black borrowers. The Federal National Mortgage Association, otherwise known as FNMA or “Fannie Mae” recently released its Equitable Housing Finance Plan, which outlines specific actions it’s taking to knock down barriers faced by Black renters and homeowners throughout the housing journey.

In a press release shared with EBONY, Fannie Mae says its Equitable Housing Finance Plan is focused on empowering Black homeowners and renters in three areas. Housing Preparation will help Black consumers prepare early for sustainable homeownership and access to quality rental housing through establishing strong financial and credit foundations. For those Renting or Buying, the goal is to remove unnecessary obstacles facing Black people in shopping for, acquiring, renting or financing the purchase of a home. Moving in and Maintaining addresses improving the services that help sustain housing so that homeowners and renters can withstand disruptions or crises and remain stably housed.

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“Our Equitable Housing Finance Plan lays the groundwork to meaningfully address housing barriers faced by Black renters and homeowners,” said David C. Benson, President and Interim Chief Executive Officer of Fannie Mae. “We want to knock down these barriers, one by one, doing our part to undo the legacy of discriminatory practices that perpetuate racial housing gaps in America. The Plan is a solid step toward this goal and a milestone in our work to make housing stronger, fairer and more sustainable for the people and communities we serve.”

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